Testimonial video project (needs volunteer interviewees)

14 02 2010

This coming Tuesday Lauren Berliner and Andy Rice, along with the help of several undergraduates, will be setting up the studio in MCC 139 to record video testimonials from persons affiliated with UCSD who would like to share their experience of the budget crisis.

We will be there from 3-6 and are hoping to hear from as many voices as possible. Two weeks ago, we began this project by interviewing a group of undergrads, and now we would like to hear from others on campus as a way to broaden our scope.

The collection of testimonies will serve several purposes. First, it will help us learn about the impact the crisis is having on students, faculty, and staff and serve as a common resource to help them to mobilize in ways that address their particular concerns and struggles. Second, we hope to use some of these testimonies towards publicity efforts–we will provide release forms for any interviewees who allow us to use their testimonies for this purpose. We will then edit each testimonial down to shorter video for inclusion in a YouTube page. We will also be producing a transcript of all of the videos. This transcript will be available to anyone who would like to read it (meant especially to be a resource for those writing articles and op-eds on the issues). Finally, we will be producing edited versions of these transcripts for the first issue of the graduate student newspaper, The Garibaldi. We understand that not everyone has the confidence or desire to stand in public to tell her or his story. Our goal is to provide a comfortable space where individuals can share what they are going through. Please help us make this very important and timely story as visible as possible.

Where: MCC 139

When: Tuesday, Feb. 16, 3-6

Details: Interviews will last 10-15 minutes. If possible, please schedule a time slot in advance by emailing darice@ucsd.edu or lberliner@ucsd.edu.

Thanks in advance for your help spreading the word.

LB and AR



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