March 4 Recap

8 03 2010

(photo credit: Jorge Narváez)

So many things happened on March 4 at UCSD, in San Diego, across the state, and around country.  It’s hard to give a complete picture of last week’s events. Here are some of the things that occurred on this historic date:

  • First off, check out our YouTube account. We’ve posted over 50 videos of the UCSD and downtown San Diego March 4 rallies there.
  • Also, check out our Twitter channels, JUSTICEUCSD AND JUSTICEUCSD2, for a timeline of live updates during the March 4 events.
  • We also have a Flickr group with pictures of the events on campus and later that day, the march to the governor’s office downtown.
  • For some very interesting pictures of what when on at UCSD that day, click  HERE .
  • For a summary of all the March 4 events that took place at all UC campuses, click HERE.

UCSD Guardian Coverage

EDITORIAL: After March Forth, We’re a Step Further

National Rallies for Day of Action: Over 100 protests across the country on March 4 pressured lawmakers to prioritize education

Note: UCSD Ties with Berkeley for Strongest Campus Turnout

Outside Press Coverage

Coalition plans ‘day of action’ at UCSD

County’s colleges see mass protests

UC Budget Cut Protest

Thousands rally in San Diego, California against education cuts

UCSD and San Diego march for public education

Students and staff protest against education cuts in US

‘Day Of Action’ For Education Unites California

1,200 marchers protest against budget cuts at Schwarzenegger’s office

San Diegans voice support for education at Balboa Park demonstration

San Diego News Network Videos

Finally, protesters in Oakland stopped traffic in the I-880 for about an hour. The police up there intervened with disproportionate force, using unnecessary violence against these mostly peaceful civil disobedients. They even beat some reporters from Democracy Now! who claim they properly identified themselves as journalists. For more info on that, click HERE




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