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If you have any questions, comments, or if you’d like to become a blog contributor or just have us post soemthing in the blog for you, please email us at:


We meet every Tuesday at 5pm at the Cross Cultural Center Library (2nd Floor, Price Center East). All are welcome to attend. This coalition is for everyone.


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19 02 2010
Crystal Tong


I just found out about this group today through the site, and I am very much interested in taking part of this group. So, I would like to know when and where the meetings are and how I can get involved.

Thank you very much!


19 02 2010

Hi Crystal:

So our meetings are on Tuesdays, from 5-6:30 at the Cross Cultural Center Library (2nd Floor, Price Center East, right next to the Loft). Let me know if you need more specific directions. Yours, -J

24 02 2010
Melissa Christensen


I have done a lot of personal research about the UC budget crisis and have been looking for a group to be actively involved in (such as this). I believe strongly in all of the points the coalition has brought forth, and I also agree with Dr. Schwartz of Berkeley and his plan to improve the UC system. It really is shocking that the University has decided to do away with its own master plan of public education by privatizing the UC system. This will only make public education more unaffordable for the middle class, increase class stratification, decrease diversity, and thus ruin California’s social and economic wellbeing. In the end, the University has covered its falsehoods with misleading statistics and explanations from the UC Presidents and Chancellors, telling students that the fee increases are necessary for undergraduate education when most of the money doesn’t even go back to students, but rather to research and administrators. Not that I needed to tell you that. I just wanted to express my sincere interest in helping this cause. How can I become a member of this group? And can I be directly involved in the March 4 event planning?
Thank you.
Melissa Christensen

28 02 2010

Hey Everyone!
I am with the Son Jarocho Community in San Diego. For those who do not know or are some what unfamilirar with Son Jarocho. Son Jarcho is a type of music played in Southern Veracruz. This music has been around for 200 years but is not main-streamed becuase it is for the the people and to the people.This type of music has been, in most communities, as a tool for resistance against institutional oppression.
I heard about this site at the wed counter teach in.
I would to have a jam session where the people who play this music around san diego gather and jam out with the ucsd community. A few, including myself, can follow the crowd and be the beating heart of the chants. Or we can gather at the end and “close” with a jam session with other people who do spoken word, step, poetry or have instruments to join us. etc.
I cannot attend the mtg for the reaon that i have section during that time.
So i will closely check my email

ps facebook: che cafe son jarocho beginners
thank you.

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